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Welcome to Video Game History Week!

Let's celebrate video games
Welcome to Video Game History Week!
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Let’s celebrate games

Welcome to Video Game History Week! In honour of the first anniversary of my book Fight, Magic, Items: The History of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and the Rise of Japanese RPGs in the West, Astrolabe is celebrating video game history with a plethora of stories, features, lists, and interviews about video games, the people who make them, and the people who write about them.

Fight, Magic, Items is on sale! Use the code “LEVELUP” at checkout to get 20% off a physical copy through the Running Press website!

All week, I’ve got loads of content coming, including an exploration of storytelling in Japanese RPGs, excerpts from some of my favourite games history books by Mary Kenney and Jordan Minor, amazing features from guest writers like Ty Schalter, a look at why games history is important, and enough book recommendations to make you dizzy.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the features I’ve written over the years digging into video game history and its impact on modern art.

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