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To celebrate VGHW, Astrolabe is 50% off!

A hot deal on Astrolabe so we can BOTH afford more classic Japanese RPGs
To celebrate VGHW, Astrolabe is 50% off!

Use that extra dough for classic games!

To celebrate Video Game History Week and the first anniversary of Fight, Magic Items’s release, I’m putting Astrolabe on sale for 50% off all week! This discount covers 12 months of support, whether you pay monthly or all at once for the year.

This offer is good from Monday, October 2 to Friday, October 6.

While flagship Astrolabe issues (like this one, and this one) will always be free, paid supporters get early access to features like Final Fantasy XVI wants to be the "Game of Thrones" of video games, but is it too late?” and Astrolabe Digest issues, along with the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing their generosity is going toward keeping Astrolabe afloat.

Additionally, Fight, Magic, Items: The History of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and the Rise of Japanese RPGs in the West is 20% off via my publisher! Use the code LevelUp at checkout!


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