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Announcing the "Fight, Magic, Items" Audiobook!

"Fight, Magic, Items" is coming to audio on July 25, 2023 from Tantor Media, narrated by Eric Michael Summerer

Hey, listen!

Since its release in October, 2022, I’ve had many people ask if/when an audio version of Fight, Magic, Items would be available, and I can finally (finally!) confirm that not only is an audiobook on its way—it’s releasing NEXT WEEK!

So, smash that preorder button, fam, and get that sweet, sweet history of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and a whole bunch of other all-time great RPGs right into your ear holes.

On July 25, 2023, Tantor Media will release the audiobook of Fight, Magic, Items narrated by Eric Michael Summerer. It features the same lovely art created for the print edition by Sara Alfageeh.


Release date: July 25, 2023
Length: 11 hrs, 37 mins
Narrator: Eric Michael Summerer
Publisher: Tantor Media

Listen to a sample of the Fight, Magic, Items audiobook read by Eric Michael Summerer


What they’re saying

"A wondrous in-depth look at the history of Japanese role playing games.” ― Engadget

"Aidan Moher has literally written the book on Japanese role-playing games.” ― ComicBook.com

“A work that will resonate with many of us who grew up with the genre and watched its rise as we ourselves grew into adulthood.” ― RPGFan

"A fun, fascinating exploration of the medium’s most magical genre.” ― Nicholas Eames, author of Kings of the Wyld

"Informative, personal, and fascinating, this book earns its place among deep dives into video-game history.” ― Mary Kenney, author of Gamer Girls

"Fight, Magic, Items is the intricate deep dive that the JRPG genre deserves.” ― Daniel Dockery, author of Monster Kids

"Strong research that’s fun to read, alongside moving anecdotes and nostalgia? Take my money.” ― Andy Campbell, author of We Are Proud Boys and Senior Editor at Huffington Post

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