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2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks!

Astrolabe Fiction: Youngblood

Astrolabe Digest: 110723

Astrolabe 35: Is 2023 the best year in video game history? Or the worst?

VGHW Excerpt: How Kazuko Shibuya's survived the "end times" and changed pixel art forever

VGHW Feature: And that's how you get “Shigeru Miyamoto once tried to make a Donkey Kong dating sim.”

VGHW Feature: 13 Books for Japanese RPG fans

VGHW Feature: Retro eight-bit RPG storytelling, but make it super gay.

Fight, Magic, Items is a year old!

VGHW Excerpt: Japanese RPGs journey to the west with a bang in Fight, Magic, Items. Literally.

VGHW Excerpt: Jordan Minor runs down gaming greats in "Video Game of the Year"

VGHW Feature: What My Kids Taught Me About Retro Video Games

VGHW Feature: Weaponized Nostalgia

VGHW Feature: The best video game history books that inspired Fight, Magic, Items

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Welcome to Video Game History Week!

Astrolabe Digest: 090623

Astrolabe Feature: 30 years on, DOOM remains supported like no other

Astrolabe Feature: Sea of Stars is the game Chrono Trigger fans have been waiting for

Sea of Stars and the Jordan Peterson thing

Astrolabe Digest: 082423

Announcing the "Fight, Magic, Items" Audiobook!

Astrolabe 34: What Big Robots Teach Us About Being Human

Final Fantasy XVI wants to be the "Game of Thrones" of video games, but is it too late?

I wrote a thing! Final Fantasy XVI Edition

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"This is How You Lose the Time War" is a Time Travel Romance with Teeth

Astrolabe Mailbag: Shannara vs. Landover, the Final Fantasy XVI demo, video game adaptations of books, and more!

Hayao Miyazaki’s Lost Magic of Parenthood

The Penelope Qingdom

Astrolabe 33: Everything New is Old Again

I wrote some things!

Announcement! Fight, Magic, Items is going global!

Astrolabe 32: Meet the women who defined the sound of a generation

Astrolabe 31: Robot Sheep

It's the spring Fight, Magic, Items promo round-up!

Astrolabe 30: How to support your favourite authors without breaking the bank

I wrote a thing: "How the greatest Japanese RPGs of the ‘90s came to the West"