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Astrolabe 29: What’s in a (pen) name?

Astrolabe (28): Transmission Received with Nicole Carpenter

Astrolabe 28: That's why they call it a union.

I'm loving Tunic—and it's all thanks to "No Fail" mode

Replay Value: Chrono Trigger — A wild side quest appears! (Part 3)

Size Matters: Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Here's my Award Eligible Work for 2022

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2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks!

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Replay Value: Chrono Trigger — Party like it's 1999 (Part 1)

Fight, Magic, Items promo round-up!

Astrolabe 27: The Sega Saturn Issue

Astrolabe has moved!

Fight, Magic, Items is out now!

Astrolabe 26: Prerelease jitters, a paper-thin debut, and gaming's greatest innovators

Fight, Magic, Items updates—Signed preorders, an io9 excerpt, and more!

Astrolabe 25: Why I'm not gonna write about The Rings of Power

Cordelia’s Honor is Thrilling, Intelligent SF from a Genre Grandmaster

Fight, Magic, Items has a shiny new website!

Astrolabe 24: You play. I play. Cosplay.

Short story drop: "Grandmother Kills Massive River Drake After It Ate Her Goat"

My Dungeons & Dragons story "Dame Beatrix J. Delacroix III's Guide For Training Your New Beholder" is out now!

Astrolabe 23: Don't wait, read.

Astrolabe 22: What can Nintendo learn from Elden Ring?

Check out the cover for "Fight, Magic, Items" at Nerdist!

I sold a book! Announcing "Fight, Magic, Items: The History of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and the Rise of Japanese RPGs in the West" (Running Press // October, 2022)

Why We Still Read Lord of the Rings

I wrote a thing! Check out "The Pixel Art Revolution Will Be Televised" on Wired