Sitemap - 2021 - Astrolabe

Hey! I'm eligible for "Best Fan Writer" this year, so here's my eligibility post

Astrolabe 21: Why does everyone think writing's easy?

Behold! I wrote a Dungeons & Dragons

The Witchwood Crown Is a Triumphant Return to a Beloved Fantasy World

How to Pitch and Sell a Freelance Feature Article

Astrolabe 20: The retro appeal, three dragon quests, and the boutique publisher powering up video games

Astrolabe 19: Why you need to pre-order this issue, FFVI for people with jobs, and Austin Channing Brown's quest to prove she's still here

Astrolabe (18): Transmission Received with Amy Ratcliffe

Astrolabe 18: Welcome to Fandom with Amy Ratcliffe, 1.22474487139 reasons to love NieR, and why you shouldn't throw out your old TV

Astrolabe Gaiden: "Out of the Labyrinth" by Ryan Van Loan

Astrolabe Gaiden: "How a Spark Became a BonFiyah" by Iori Kusano and Vida Cruz

Astrolabe Gaiden: "Well, somebody has to do this!" The story of CoNZealand Fringe by Adri Joy

Fantasy’s Finest: An Appreciation of Daniel Abraham’s The Long Price Quartet

I wrote a thing! "Your Grandma's Tube TV Is the Hottest Gaming Tech" for WIRED. What is my life?

Astrolabe (17): Transmission Received with Patrick Klepek

Astrolabe 17: Growing up out loud with Patrick Klepek, Fabulous Nova Crystallis, and judging books by their covers

Astrolabe 16: The heroes of today, a mystic quest, and Ellen Ullman's life in code

Becoming Gandalf

Astrolabe (15): Transmission Received with Ty Schalter

Astrolabe 15: Sportsball with Ty Schalter, the $1,000 JRPG, and Kings of the Wyld

Astrolabe (14): Transmission Received with Matt Wallace, author of Bump

Astrolabe 14: Writing for Kids with Matt Wallace, Time's Illusion, and Indians on Vacation

The Lasting Legacy of Tad Williams’ Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn

Astrolabe (12): Transmission Received with Chris DeMakes

Astrolabe 12: King of the downside with Less Than Jake's Chris DeMakes, time travel travails, and the cure for white women

Astrolabe 11: Chasing books, Near perfection, and roadkill witches

Spread The Love: Paid Astrolabe subs now available for $5/month

2020 Year In Review: The Silver Linings

Astrolabe 10: Several sagas, Japan's pop culture dominance, and the perils of going viral

Out & About: Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing retro games, Hayao Miyazaki is spilling magic, and the Velocirapture is here