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Love Japanese RPGs? Join my "Fight, Magic, Items" community on Twitter!

Love Japanese RPGs? Join my "Fight, Magic, Items" community on Twitter!
By Aidan Moher • Issue #47 • View online

Over on Twitter, I’ve launched a new companion “community” for my upcoming book, FIGHT, MAGIC, ITEMS, as a place to continue the conversation about JRPGs and the people who made them. More than just being a platform for promoting the book, I’d like this to become a place where JRPG fans can gather for fun, lighthearted conversation about their favourite games and creators.
Aidan Moher
Y’all! I’ve started a Japanese RPG community for my upcoming book, FIGHT, MAGIC, ITEMS. Love Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and everything in between? Join me as I explore the history of Japanese RPGs and the people who made them!
Twitter’s “communities” are closed, curated and moderated social spaces focused on a singular topic (JRPGs!), and I think they’re a step in the right direction by creating safe, trusted spaces for conversation and fandom to gather. There’s a lot of potential here to make Twitter a more equitable and enjoyable platform for fandom that excises many of the issues with its current all-for-one approach.
Right now, we’re chatting about the Japanese RPGs we’re currently playing, choosing a Live-a-Live character for my upcoming LTTP column, and showing off our JRPG collections.
Along the way, I’ll be sharing exclusive content from the book, interviews, deep dive Twitter threads, and all the other fun stuff I’ve become known for. So, if you’re excited about my book, love my LTTP columns in Astrolabe, or just enjoy JRPGs, consider joining the Fight, Magic, Items Community!
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