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Astrolabe (12): Transmission Received with Chris DeMakes

The Less Than Jake frontman opens up about creativity during troubling times, his new book, Blast from the Past, and what new artists can do to get their projects started (Full Interview)

In Astrolabe 12, I spoke with Chris DeMakes, frontman for legendary Gainesville, Florida ska band Less Than Jake, about the challenges of maintaining creative momentum during troubling times. This first edition of Transmission Received brings you the full interview with DeMakes, and dives much deeper than what I reported in the main Astrolabe issue.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it. DeMakes is well spoken, whip smart, and generous as he dispenses wisdom gained through nearly 30 years of touring, song writing, and building business. I’d say I got my $5,000,000 worth.


Transmission Received is a new series exclusive to paid Astrolabe subscribers. It’s an extension of the interviews available in the main Astrolabe issues, providing subscribers with early access to the full interviews—via text transcription or YouTube video, depending on the interview—to supplement the more focused editorial interviews.

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