Bookshops, bonedust, and the perils of AI
Axe of the Blood God, Still Loading, JRPG localization in the '90s, and more

February 2023

Books, ducks, gods, and localization
My debut at Washington Post explores the groundbreaking localization work of Richard Honeywood and Alexander O. Smith

December 2022

Jackson Ford? Mira Grant? Vincent Tirado? Meet the writers behind these pen names. Then join me for a couple of Babels.
Polygon's Nicole Carpenter discusses video game unions, labour rights, and her zine "The Rise of the Video Game Union."
The rise of the video game union with Nicole Carpenter, the secret best JRPG console, and a warm cappuccino under a harvest moon

November 2022

Excuse to explore
The real treasure was the friends we made along the way
Sometimes bigger *isn't* better
Y'all can slot Fight, Magic, Items in for "Best Related Work," Astrolabe for "Best Fanzine," and me for "Best Fan Writer." If you want.
From the beginning of time to the end of our hero's journey