By Aidan Moher

Science fiction, fantasy, and retro gaming from Hugo Award-winner Aidan Moher.

Science fiction, fantasy, and retro gaming from Hugo Award-winner Aidan Moher.

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Stay up to date, be part of a community and show your support.




Fight, Magic, Items review copies now available!

It's starting to feel like a real book!


Astrolabe 24: You play. I play. Cosplay.

The history of cosplay, a tumultuous legend, and some monster kids in your pocket


Short story drop: "Grandmother Kills Massive River Drake After It Ate Her Goat"

"You ever been bit by a river drake? No? Me neither. Fell on that drake like a valkyrie during killin' season."


My Dungeons & Dragons story "Dame Beatrix J. Delacroix III's Guide For Training Your New Beholder" is out now!

Get it through your favourite book retailer or LGS!


Astrolabe 23: Don't wait, read.

Radical dreams, diverse books, and a map that can remake the world.


Astrolabe 22: What can Nintendo learn from Elden Ring?

Plus Live-a-Live, a graphic novel recommendation, and the ethos of pixel art


Check out the cover for "Fight, Magic, Items" at Nerdist!

Plus a Q&A with artist Sara Alfageeh!


Love Japanese RPGs? Join my "Fight, Magic, Items" community on Twitter!

Over on Twitter, I've launched a new companion "community" for my upcoming book, FIGHT, MAGIC, ITEMS, as a place to continue the conversation about JRPGs and the people who made them. More than just being a platform for promoting the book, I'd like this to be…


I sold a book! Announcing "Fight, Magic, Items: The History of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and the Rise of Japanese RPGs in the West" (Running Press // October, 2022)

Join me in the Epoch on this journey back through the history of Japanese RPGs.


Why We Still Read Lord of the Rings

I *love* J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. But, why?


I wrote a thing! Check out "The Pixel Art Revolution Will Be Televised" on Wired

How retro blocks overtook 3D gaming to win the hearts of modern players.


Hey! I'm eligible for "Best Fan Writer" this year, so here's my eligibility post

Let's look back on what I did in 2021


Astrolabe 21: Why does everyone think writing's easy?

Why does everyone think writing is easy? LTTP delves deep with Super Metroid, and Terry Brooks's Child of Light turns a new page


Behold! I wrote a Dungeons & Dragons

"Dame Beatrice J. Delacroix III's Guide for Training Your New Beholder" is coming next year from Running Press and Wizards of the Coast!


The Witchwood Crown Is a Triumphant Return to a Beloved Fantasy World

This sequel to Tad Williams's legendary Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn is everything you could want and more.


How to Pitch and Sell a Freelance Feature Article

So, you think you can freelance? Here's my step-by-step guide to how I pitch freelance feature articles.


Astrolabe 20: The retro appeal, three dragon quests, and the boutique publisher powering up video games

"Look back even for a moment and, like Orpheus, you will lose everything."


Astrolabe 19: Why you need to pre-order this issue, FFVI for people with jobs, and Austin Channing Brown's quest to prove she's still here

Guest Editorialist Jason Sanford looks at the vital role of book pre-orders


Astrolabe (18): Transmission Received with Amy Ratcliffe

I wish I would have known about it when I was a kid—just understanding that others out there also lost it over The Dark Crystal would have been reassuring.


Astrolabe 18: Welcome to Fandom with Amy Ratcliffe, 1.22474487139 reasons to love NieR, and why you shouldn't throw out your old TV

What was your first fandom? Amy Ratcliffe joins me to chat about fandom for kids.